Why a Co-op?


Parents cooperatively operate the school. Parent involvement is critical for the success of our school is required. Parents act as “teacher helpers” in the classroom and support the school with mandatory fundraisers which assist in keeping tuition fees low. Example past fundraisers include: reverse raffle, lottery tickets, and jackpot raffle.

There are also 2 mandatory parent meetings scheduled during the school year to update everyone and to allow parents to voice their comments and concerns. Lastly, being in a co-op is reassuring to your child that you are still with them as they enter their school years. Parent-teacher conferences are available throughout the school year.


The purpose of a preschool is to give the child an opportunity to play and work with children their own age. Our goals are to enrich the child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development, increase independence, follow directions, problem solving skills and increase self-confidence. Children in our preschool will learn through activities, crafts, themes and interactive play, not desk sitting. There are also field trips scheduled throughout the year to enhance the learning experience and family fun days.

What Do I Need to Know as a Parent?
1) Helper Days - Each family will have 1 helper day a month (2 if you have multiple children, 1 special day for each child).  Parents will assist teachers in the daily routine.  This is a good time for your child, they get to be the special helpers on their day with their parents!
2) Mandatory School Helper list -  Each family will have to sign up to help the school out.  If it is cleaning, baking, maintenance, helping with parties etc. it is not time consuming, but this allows for our school functions get accomplished!
3) Mandatory Fundraisers- We have a total of 3 Mandatory fundraisers that each family has to participate in.  If you feel you cannot sell a certain amount of tickets, the fundraisers have a buy out option.  This allows families to pay a fee to not have to sell tickets, etc.
4)  Mandatory Parent Meetings - there are 2 meetings through out the school year.  Each family is required to attend the meeting or send a representative of the family.  If you are unable to attend the meeting do to a  inexcusable reason, a fine will be assessed to you.